Utilizing the most modern methods and techniques available for the instruction of its members and initiates, The Norse Knights provide for two types of membership within The Order. The two types of members in The Order, which function on three various levels, find their distinctions in method of instruction only and are designated as Supreme Lodge members and Folkgard members.Supreme Lodge Membership /Folkgard Membership / Halls / Privileges & Responsibilities /Petition for MembershipSupreme Lodge Membership and TrainingSupreme Lodge members are trained via online correspondence and social media by the Supreme Lodge through the Commandery designated as the Supreme Lodge Headquarters. Production and distribution of Supreme Lodge training material is overseen by the seated Grand Master of the jurisdictional Supreme Lodge. Each month Supreme Lodge members receive access to their new online grade lessons, lectures, and instructional media. Supreme Lodge members, in agreement with years of studies by various higher institutes of learning, find this online instruction method to be not only convenient but very conducive and effective given the private nature of Order rituals and exercises. Members of the Supreme Lodge, though correspondence members, are Knights of the Temple of the North Wind and are deserving of all the privileges accorded their membership, grades, and degrees. In addition to initiatory training, they have the privilege of joining local Folkgards for seasonal celebrations, general feasts, and ritual ceremonies, as such occasions are closed to the general public and attendance is granted at such events to members and special guests of The Order only. Members of both the Supreme Lodge and Folkgards are members of The Order of Knights of the Temple of the North Wind and are related in membership in every way.Supreme Lodge Membership /Folkgard Membership / Halls / Privileges & Responsibilities /Petition for MembershipFolkgard Membership and Training While Supreme Lodge members pay their quarterly dues directly to the Supreme Lodge, Folkgard members pay their dues to their local Folkgard directly and receive their training in a more one-on-one personally mentored fashion. Folkgards forward their per-capita dues to the Commandery designated as the Supreme Lodge Headquarters quarterly and are provided training material for its members by the Supreme Lodge through correspondence and social media. Folkgard members receive no correspondence lessons or lectures from the Supreme Lodge directly, though access to Supreme Lodge online media and forums as a privilege of Folkgard membership is customary. Naturally, the benefits of participating in local communal ceremonies and festivals cannot be emphasized enough. To encourage participation in these activities while taking the necessary due diligence in providing safety and security for our members and their guests, these events are by default closed to the general public. The seated Grand Master of the Supreme Lodge shall oversee the posting of such bills using social media platforms as well as publishing a current listing of Folkgard activities and events in a monthly newsletterSupreme Lodge Membership / Folkgard Membership / Halls / Privileges & Responsibilities /Petition for Membership Membership HallsThe third level of work within The Order is performed by our Halls. A Hall is a small discussion or study group of Supreme Lodge members, typically but in no way restricted to eight (8) in number, which is formed to collectively explore the lessons and lectures received from the Supreme Lodge further and from differing perspectives. Although many find the most important part of The Order's instruction to be the work done in private, Halls allow for members to participate in various levels of physical and cyber social and community interaction beyond that of their more private grade work. As dues paying members of the Supreme Lodge in good standing, there are no dues associated with participation in local Halls.Supreme Lodge Membership / Folkgard Membership / Halls / Privileges & Responsibilities /Petition for MembershipMembership Privileges and ResponsibilitiesMembership privileges in The Order range from access to public presentations, rituals, and ceremonies to the private inner teachings received through its lectures and grade work. Initiatory instruction in The Order is structured around the three aetts as first, second, and third order "lodges," the nine worlds of Yggdrasil and nine mothers of Heimdall serve as our Order's initiatory model of nine grades, and the number/letter system of the runes constitute our Order's pattern along the thirty-three degrees of wisdom. Instruction in our tradition is a privilege of membership and cannot be purchased. Membership in The Order, with its provided privileges, includes a responsibility on the part of its members to help support and continue the work of The Order and Supreme Lodge. While quarterly membership dues are collected, these dues are always kept at a level which just covers and meets necessary operating expenses and overhead. The Order is strictly non-profit and all monies collected for The Order, through donation or dues, is used exclusively by and for The Order and its incorporated intent.Supreme Lodge membership dues are currently suspended as we undergo administrative and organizational expansion. Supreme Lodge membership dues is waived for active members of the U.S. armed services as well as current incarcerates. Supreme Lodge Membership / Folkgard Membership / Halls / Privileges & Responsibilities /Petition for Membership Petitioning for MembershipPetition for membership in The Order may be made by anyone over the age of eighteen who is sincerely interested in its teachings; regardless of race, creed, color, political affiliation, sexual orientation or preference. Upon approval of the petition and acceptance for membership the member will begin receiving access to the appropriate lectures, lessons, and grade work of The Order.The privacy of all members is respected and preserved in the highest regard. Members’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never shared or revealed by The Order--with or without a member's consent.Membership in The Order may be cancelled at any time. There is no contractual obligation by the member to continue studies with and membership in The Order.It should be noted that considerable effort has been made to explain membership in The Order. Membership and participation in the work of The Order is not to be taken lightly. Obligations are often made in sacrifice to and by authority of one's Higher Self, actions which demand the sincerest of intent and most reverent of motivations. Membership in, affiliation with, and becoming a practitioner of The Order and its Tradition is a matter which one must make freely and without coaxing, persuasion, or coercion. The Order never proselytizes for membership, though we do publicly make known our presence for the sincere aspirant of initiation into the Odinic Mysteries.