OUR INITIATORY TRAINING PROGRAMEach month our members receive online access to their new grade lectures. The lectures, typically about ten to fifteen pages each, should be studied for about two hours each week (approx. 15-20 minutes each day). While lectures will be based on referenced texts, the purchase of these texts is not necessary to complete the lessons, though members may wish to do so at their own discretion.Initiates should also be prepared to spend additional time completing grade assignments, experiments, and exercises that accompany the grade lectures. Members should expect to eventually spend 45 minutes to an hour a couple times each week toward the completion of such assignments and exercises.Like any art or craft, the knowledge provided within the grade lectures must be put into practice to be most effective. Our Order is not only concerned with the intellectual education of our members, but with their emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth as well. Additionally, it is our intent to produce leaders in our tradition at every level of initiation. To receive the intended instruction on these levels of consciousness for each degree of training the rituals, techniques, and experiments which complement the grade lectures should be seriously and reverently practiced as directed.To take control of and responsibility for one’s own spiritual growth takes courage, dedication and resolve. It is vital, therefore, that the ideas, concepts, and principles presented within the Order’s grade lectures be tested and proven by each member personally. Acquiring this type of empirical knowledge for one’s self is key to this method of instruction, the process of initiation, the elevation of consciousness, and the gnosis of Asgard.Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order Alumni OUR STRUCTURED CURRICULUMNew members (Aspirants) begin their training with a series of nine introductory degrees (twenty-four lectures and an initiation degree) focusing on a contemporary, “non-denominational” overview of the pre-Christian European religion ofÁsatrú. These nine degrees constitute the first year of initiatory training and conclude with initiation to the station ofDrighten and 0=0 grade of Zelator.Our nine Antechamber, preparatory degrees are then followed by three Lodge/Order programs, each consisting of an additional twenty-four lectures and an initiation degree and each focused on a specific element of more in depth and esoteric training in Norse spirituality (Troth, Galdr, and Seith respectively). Completion of our entire initiatory training program, including the preparatory Antechamber degrees and the advanced lodge degrees, takes approximately four years from start to finish.It is this structured curriculum which makes us unique among other Heathen (Ásatrú/Odinist} organizations. We not only provide our members with a body of academic instruction from which to develop a working knowledge and basis for their religious practice; but, through the provided practical exercises and assignments our members develop a genuine maturity and elevation in consciousness. The awakening, healing and growth of our members is encouraged and promoted by our Order through intellectual empowerment and spiritual wholeness, as well as cultural awareness.Our Program / Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order Alumni OUR GRADE LECTURESBelow is a brief description of some of the subjects covered in our Order’s initiatory curriculum:1˚-9˚ / ANTECHAMBER / ASPIRANT’S LESSONS / ÁSATRÚ & ODINISM Course Description: Ásatrú is the spiritual Path of Return which traverses the most Northern route, cleared and marked most specifically for the European psyche. It is a path traveled by our initiator Odin and then revealed to us by Him as a journey distinguished by one’s self-discovery and self-awareness of, self-celebration in, and eventual self-sacrifice to one’s Higher Self. In the Zelator grade work our members are given a solid foundation in and working knowledge of Northern European Spirituality and are sufficiently equipped to serve as Drightens and lay-leaders for our local Halls. Course Subjects:The European Collective UnconsciousIntroduction and History of American HeathenryNorse Gods and GoddessesThe Emphasis on Ancestral Worship in HeathenryThe European SoulFrom Homosapian to Homospiritus“Noble” Virtues and EthicsReligious Education and ÁsatrúThe Eddas, Sagas and Legends of the NorthRitual, Culture and Social IdentityRituals and Rites of PassageGnostic Initiation in Norse MythologyThe Norse Liturgical YearMagic and HeathenryThe RunesNorse CosmologyKarma and Fate in ÁsatrúModern Psychology and Ancient WisdomTheory and Philosophy of ReligionOperant Conditioning and SuperstitionThe Process of ThinkingSmall Group Leadership and FacilitationOrganizations, Cults, and The Voice WithinThe Way of the Einherjar. Our Program / Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order Alumni10˚-17˚ / GREEN LODGE / APPRENTICE ORDER LESSONS / THE TROTH Course Description: The Green Lodge degrees and Apprentice Order lessons mark the beginning of The Way of the Einherjar and commencement along the magical path of the “Commanders of One.” During this stage of instruction members receive an advanced look at the history, mythology, and culture of the indigenous European tribes and their ancient ancestors in preparation for cleric responsibilities among the Folk and life-long commitments to the Odinic Mysteries. This period of initiatory training includes initiation in the Theoricus, Practicus, and Philosophus grades, advancement to the station of Gothar (clergy/priest/elder), and eligibility to apply for a local Folkgard charter as a Preceptor of the Norse Knights. Course Subjects:Norse Mythology and FolkloreIndo-European Culture and ReligionEarly Germanic HistoryThe Viking AgeAn Introduction to the Old Norse LanguageAn Introduction to the Icelandic LanguageThe Teutonic RevivalThe Ásatrú ManifestoUnderstanding the Left-hand PathThe Four Pillars of MidgardPrinciples of Ritual Practice and ConstructionContemplative Runology and MeditationWorking with WightsBasic AstrologyAncient and Modern InitiationHermetic MagicInterpersonal CommunicationPrinciples, Methods and Techniques of Academic ResearchInterpretation of Spiritual TextWorld ReligionsPsychology and ReligionTheological and Philosophical PrinciplesSpiritual Counseling and Professional EthicsLife Coaching as a Profession Our Program / Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order Alumni 18˚-25˚ / RED LODGE / JOURNEYMAN ORDER LESSONS / RUNE-GALDOR Course Description: Our Red Lodge degrees and Journeyman Order lessons focus on the training of Norse magicians, called Vitkar (“wise ones”). During this stage of instruction, in addition to receiving a wide range of occult knowledge, our members receive a thorough training in Runology and Runosophy theory and practice. The primary aim at this stage of initiatory training in our Order is the development of our member’s intuitive ability to communicate with and interpret the runes in a contemporary, applicable and practical fashion. This Order's instruction includes initiation in the grades of Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major, and Adeptus Exemptus as well as advancement to the station of Vitki. Course Subjects:Esoteric PhilosophyOccult PsychologyRune LoreRune MagicRunic NumerologyRune Casting and ReadingRunic Alchemy and IndividuationRune Dream InterpretationOperative RunologyUtharkRune Shadow WorkThe Kylver-Waite CypherIcelandic MagicCeltic MagicGermanic MagicMysteries and Magic of the GothsRosicrucianism and FreemasonryThe Nordic KabbalahMagic and RitualNorse Mythology in the StarsSpiritual AstrologyVedic AstrologyGermanic HexologyArmory and Ancestral Coats of Arms Our Program / Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order Alumni26˚-33˚ / BLUE LODGE / MASTER ORDER LESSONS / SEITH Course Description: Blue Lodge degrees within the Master’s Order concentrate on the more “shamanistic” form of Norse magic called Seith. Here the “other-worldly” practices of Seith work is merged with the Elder Futhark runic symbol system now familiar to the member’s subconscious. Instruction in Path/God-working and Metaphysical Healing in this third order is also complimented with instruction in Herbal, Crystal, Candle, Color, Sound and Incense magic, as such are typically employed during the practice of Seith. Instruction in this Order includes initiation in the grades of Magister and Magus as well as recognition in the Order as a member of its Einherjar. Course Subjects:Nordic ShamanismThe Art of HealingColor TherapyMedical HerbsHerbal MagicCandle MagicIncense in RitualMeditation and MagicSpiritual AlchemyThe Life ForceThe Serpent Power and Tantric MagicTranscendental MagicKnowledge of Higher WorldsGnostic TheurgyHieros Gamos and Divine UnionCosmic and Human MetamorphosesThe Path of Return IThe Path of Return IIThe Path of Return IIIThe Path of Return IVThe Path of Return VThe Path of Return VIThe Path of Return VIIThe Path of Return VIII Our Program / Our Curriculum / Antechamber Lessons / Green Lodge Lessons / Red Lodge LessonsBlue Lodge Lessons / Literary Requirements / Order AlumniLITERARY REQUIREMENTSBook Reviews: A short 2-4 page paper that describes and evaluates a book or article. Book reviews are assigned occasionally throughout the course of initiatory training. Term Papers: A major 12-15 page paper that addresses a specific issue or topic. Term papers are submitted quarterly and consider an area of study completed within the last 90 day period. Lodge Projects: A major 20-30 page paper which emphasizes planning and research. The Lodge Project paper serves as a final term paper in that Lodge. Lodge Projects are required for completion of the Antechamber, Green and Red Lodge degrees and initiation to the grades of Zelator, Philosophus, and Adeptus Exemptus (the stations of Drighten, Gothar, and Vitkar) respectively. Master's Dissertation: A major 250-300 page study in the area of new research. The Master's Dissertation serves as the Lodge Project paper for completion of the Blue Lodge requirements and initiation to the grade of Magus and station of Einherjar.All submitted literary work shall adhere to the latest edition of the MLA Formatting and Style Guide. ORDER ALUMNIHaving been instructed in the essential teachings of our Order and initiated in its tradition, Einherjar grade initiates are invited to continue their association with our Order as alumni. Alumni continue their study, practice, and propagation of the Odinic Mysteries as members of the Order at their discretion and receive our monthly Alumni News and special edition Alumni Didactics.