"...one tends to interpret these obviously living armies of the dead as

Runekenhof, Temple of the Northern Mystery Tradition, Inc., through research, program development, and instruction celebrates the perennial mysteries realized by the ancient Melchizedek priesthood, typified by the Temple of Solomon, codified in early Hinduism, shadowed in the Norse myths, ritualized by the Celtic Priesthood, expressed in the Mithraic Mysteries, ligitimized by the Knights Templar, romanticized in the Arthurian legends, and symbolized in Western esotericism.

Members collaborate among each other via online correspondence and social media. Each month members receive access to their new online grade lessons, lectures, and instructional media. In agreement with years of studies by various higher institutes of learning, this online collaborative method and format has been found to be not only convenient but very conducive and effective for members given the personal and contemplative nature of rituals and exercises.

Initiatory instruction received by our members is structured around the three aetts of the FUTHARK as first, second, and third order "lodges"; the nine worlds of the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the nine mothers of Heimdall serve as our initiatory model of nine grades; and, the number/letter system of the runes constitute our pattern along the thirty-three degrees of wisdom. Instruction in our tradition is a privilege of membership and cannot be purchased.

Harr's Hall is a non-denominational, interfaith, collaborative institution of higher learning for the study of ancient spirituality. Spiritual traditions most commonly addressed include Hinduism, the Djedhi Priesthood of ancient Egypt, the Odinic Mysteries, the ancient Celtic Priesthood (Druidism), the Mithraic Mysteries of Persia, Ancient Catholic Gnositicism, Rosicrucianism, Esoteric Christianity and Mysticism. These studies aid members in the act of studious purification.

Sacred Activism is as much a part of our spiritual egregor as study and contemplative prayer. Our Norse Knights video-log captures projects, activities and events that Runekenhof and its members have been part of over the years. The "warrior-monk" tradition emphasizes that faith comprises a belief system that inspires its adherents into action. Our video-log records those events and messages that comprise the established and living egregor of our organization .

Bifröst, the tri-colored bridge between man and god, is guarded by Heimdall and protected by the Einherjar, warrior-monks of Odin. The ancient initiatory training system symbolized in the Norse myths is utilized among our members as the foundational model for a proprietary curriculum which has been developed and designed by the Preceptor based on indepth study and research of the mystical UTHARK, modern runosophy and the esoteric TAROT of Arthur Edward Waite.

Re-search implies a quest for truth and enlightenment. Complementing the initiatory grade-work we provide our members and supplementing the course-work we offer through Harr's Hall, numerous research links have also been gathered and are provided on our links page which can be used by the general public as well as those individuals conducting their own independent research. Question everything... especially what you think you know!

"Perhaps the most defiant act against the Church by these Norse knights, commonly known by this time as the Knights Templar, was their refusal to collectively participate in the Church's Albigensian Crusade (1209-1250)--a crusade not intended to protect Europe from the Muslim invaders at all, but to coerce, compel, and enforce "orthodox" Christianity throughout France while eliminating the Gnostic religion of Manichaeism practiced among the Cathars of Languedoc. Such "pulpit bullying" by the Church had been going on throughout England and Northern Europe since the middle of the first century to combat the influence of the Indo-Aryan Mithraic Mysteries of Persia brought to Britain by Roman soldiers and Celtic Christianity brought to Britain via Ireland and Scotland. With the success of the crusades and its command of the knights the Church sought to use the knights to enforce Church rule and eliminate the Cathars. This religion of the Cathars, however, is believed to have been practiced by at least two of the founding family members of the Templars, Hugues de Payens and Geoffrey de St. Omer, adhered to by many of the Knights' members, and believed to have even been practiced by clergy throughout Christendom at the time."

Einherjar—Gnostic Warriors of the North: Way of the Einherjar, Vol. 1, presents an anthology of kindred discussions and practical application exercises which have been found profitable for practically applying, living, and managing one’s Asatru journey and spiritual growth along the way. In this current work, the author begins by examining the validity, mission, and esoteric system of training outlined in Norse mythology for Odin’s ancient society of shamanic knights—the Einherjar. Systematically, the book examines several basic and essential aspects of ancient psychological and metaphysical thought as a review of fundamental gnostic philosophy. From there a historical and theoretical backdrop for the Einherjar mythos itself is developed. “Literary symbols” within Norse mythology are considered which reveal not only an ancient Norse initiatory system of instruction, but its intended use and obligation as well. Finally, demonstrating its functionality and practical application even today, this perennial wisdom is presented as an aid for readers in the raising of their own levels of consciousness and the development of a more virtuous and noble character.

[1] Simek, Rudolf (2007) translated by Angela Hall. Dictionary of Northern Mythology. D.S. Brewer ISBN 0-85991-513-1.